Portraits of residents, their families and the care givers involved in Mental Health Care.

World Within Me refers to what shapes our view of the world based on popular commentary. In this series, I have interspersed portraits of two kinds of people. One considered to be noble and the other considered to be unfit to be a part of society. Can you tell them apart?

Without prior knowledge and simply based on physical appearances, clothing, demeanour etc…we distance ourselves from people thinking they do not fit the norm. Over centuries we have evolved and have been mentally conditioned by man made laws, governing humanity, to accept social behaviour as black and white. Anything out of the norm needs to be “treated”.  Not all mental illnesses are visibly apparent and not all of them need some kind of treatment. Anti social behaviour when it can not be contained in pre-determined slots gets tossed into the “mentally ill” bin and sits there until social norms evolve through popular patterns to attest the same behaviour as normal. An example of this is the once criminally outlawed and medically termed as a mental illness view of homosexuality. Today, in many societies, it is a totally acceptable form of behaviour.

In this scenario, who needs to be treated? World around me or the world within me?