Crossdressing is an art. It is a choice and a lifestyle execution which enables a blurring of gender aesthetics. The video presents Divyaroop Ananda, a proud cross dresser unveiling his amazing sensibilities vis-a-vis clothes and other accoutrements. Ace photographer Sandeep Dhopate’s relentless hard work is evident in the eye catching shoot which took over 10 hours and was dexterously edited by Anuja Parikh. By reversing the visibility of gender roles, the hetero normative power structures are destabilized and it makes the viewer aware of the fluid human identity. The model with his gaze, challenges the critical-condescending eye and subverts the norms with a strong assertion of CHOICE.

Credits :

Shot By – Sandeep Dhopate
Edited By – Anuja Parikh
Model – Divyaroop Ananda
Script By – Sandeep Dhopate & Anuja Parikh
Produced By – Gaysi Family
Soundtrack: Time Stops by Silent Partner (from YouTube Audio Library)