Several states in India have imposed a prohibition policy to discourage the working class from comsuming alcohol. The intention is to control crime, to improve the safety of women and to ensure men use their earnings towards the welfare of their familes.

What happens when we are intoxicated? I created this series in an attempt to explore those inhibited feelings we yearn to bring to the fore in our state of oblivion.

I asked each individual why do they like to drink? Their responses are the captions. The landscapes reflect the conversations going on in their minds in that inebriated state.

Rgveda 8.48.3:
We have drunk soma ; we have become free from death.
We have attained the light; we have been found to the gods!
What now can joylessness do to us?
What truly, can the evil of mortality do?
O you who are free from death?
The carpet symbolises the confines within one’s head. The blur symbolises an intoxicated state of mind and the colors symbolise a fantastical view of the world when one is high on alcohol.


I miss my family. I drink to not remember them


My work is illegal but it feeds my family. I drink out of guilt


My husband left me. I drink to ease the hardships


The rains destroyed everything. I drink to not feel weak


Tomorrow shall be the same as yesterday. So why not?


My family just wants me to die. i drink so that one day it kills me


Its getting harder to protect them all. I drink to ease the struggle.

Self Worth

I feel empowered if only for a little while.


No one care’s what i feel. I drink to drown my anger

Emotional trauma

I couldn’t bear children. I drink to suppress my feelings of being inadequate


I have come a long way to regret anything. I drink because I am used to it.

A Release

My job is to cremate. After a day’s work i need this.


Its even written in the holy books. I drink because its not a sin.


My father left me. I drink because I enjoy it. No other reason.