People in power exploit the common man who is stuck in his daily rituals for survival. Personal agenda’s to justify  extreme religious beliefs, excess wealth, political power are all materialised by controling inequality and building policies and corporate structures that do not account for the common man’s welfare.

Creator’s Creation – The Homo Sapien

Capitalism – Capitalism defeated communism and now appears to be winning over democracy. There is growth, but have we grown?

The Citizen – An afraid law abiding individual

The Elite I

Neo Liberalism – Under the garb of righteous motives it strikes at the heart to replace cultural identities and to create a universal whole that is made to only follow the powerful.

The Elite II

Caste, Creed, Colour I – The Saint

Egalitaranism? – Social differences make us unique and interesting. But these differences have become tools to rule over under the pretext of only preaching about equal rights. Equal rights to oppress?

Caste, Creed, Colour II – The Sinner

The Leftist

Humanism – The Left of Right, both only pretend to be rational towards the human. But are they?

The Rightist

The State I

Totalitarism – The State pleads to be given a chance to help the weak. Are we being helped?

The State II

The Idealist – In pursuit of a diginified simple existence man has now become idealistic to even think about such a life