A well known story is usually the most interesting one to watch. But when its portrayal lacks authenticity and grace it can become the most boring demonstration for today’s young generation. The representation has to keep up with the times. The youth is no longer interested in a story just for its values.
The “India” story, similarly, has to keep up with the times. Much like these images, the value system of the country also represent a muddled view and therefore is not appreciated much by the generation X.

The ill fitting outfits coupled with tacky accessories, the medley of contrasting colors and haphazard styling is far from the notion of a “God” in a country like India where His representation in houses and places of worship is much more aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. Numerous ancient religious monuments all over India are living examples of the beautiful aestheitc that was once woven into the daily life of an average Indian.

The mindset of an average Indian of the new millennium appears to be a hastily put together tasteless concoction of his country’s history that is ill-informed since colonial times and of an aspiratinal dream that dictates the present penchant to mimic the west for a global validation as a country of the future.

The result is an odd mix of values that do not jive well together. Popularly known as a country of contrasts, through this series, I attempt to touch upon this contrast.