Inivited to “Disappearing Dialogues” Art Residency at Art Ichol

Sandeep has been selected as one of 10 international artists to be working on a collaborative research project called “Disapperaing Dialogues” at Art Ichol in Maihar, MP.

Disappearing Dialogues is a series of interactions with nature, people and objects that are knocking on the doors of extinction. A voice that stimulates a cultural response, engages public, blends experiences and knowledge and embraces life with all its intricacies. It is a symbol of hope. A plea that inspires us to treasure and preserve whatever lies within our reach in a world that’s hastily getting depleted.

Initiated by artist Nobina Gupta, this project has been engaging with different communities and institutions to reflect on cultural, social and ecological losses, residues and memories native to their city/ region. Using this project to create platforms for collective encounters the artist hopes to engage in a longer dialogue about contemporary life, development and sustainability.