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“We merely existed on social media, that too because one of the volunteers created an account,”
The turning point was when the organisation realised that on social media it could engage with retail donors who account for 45% of the donor base”
Prateek Madhav, Chief Executive – Samarthanam Trust.

We all know the benefits of getting our story out there to a wider audience on social media. However, many non-profits find it difficult to optimise their social media presence.  Keeping feeds up to date, current, relevant, engaging and interesting can be a constant source of stress. 

A report on this year’s Non-Profit Content Marketing trends, produced by the “Content Marketing Institute, USA” shows the problems that NGO’s in the US face.

 Do any of these challenges sound familiar? 

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The NGOs surveyed know what they need to do, but find it difficult to implement

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To make things tougher, our audiences want to engage with a variety of content on social media.

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So how can we achieve better results on social media?

There are some simple steps which your organisation can take to optimise presence and take the stress out of social media. 


Have a social media strategy – Strategies don’t need to be complicated; they just need to be useful. Having a strategy doesn’t mean spending more money, it is just a way of focusing your efforts on what you really want to achieve. This can take your social media presence to the next level.


Plan your posts – Take some time out of your busy schedule to chalk out what you want to do on social media in advance. With a plan in place, daily tasks can be identified to make life easier and you can even use a social media scheduling tool to post content regularly.


Develop your team – Give your team the skills they need to take on different roles for content development, posting on social media and engaging with your audience. Once your team knows how to effectively complete different tasks, team members can be given clear responsibilities.


Make engaging content – Content development doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, think of the number of smart phones there are in your team and amongst you beneficiaries. All these people could be developing original content for you. They can give you images, stories and even video content which can be catalogued and shared to help you tell your story.

How can I help you?

I design and run bespoke workshops tailored to suit the needs of your organisation and your team.  The workshops are designed to encourage collaboration and are highly interactive.
    After attending the workshop, participants will improve their ability in the following areas
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As an experienced photographer and filmmaker, I can create professional level content for organisations like yours.


    • Product Catalogue shoots
    • Campaign shoots
    • Narrative stories about beneficiaries’ lives
    • Studio Portraits of team members, beneficiaries, sponsors etc.
    • Behind the scenes content


    • Short stories highlighting the work your organisation does
    • Product videos
    • “Making of” videos
    • Engaging Stories of beneficiaries
    • Interviews
    • Presentation videos for donor funding
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We all know that training sessions alone are not enough to create an impact, they need follow up and teams need ongoing support to implement new ideas and concepts.

I offer a range of follow up support packages depending on the needs of your team. These can include regular follow up calls and/or visits to assist teams with areas such as: 

  • Using and updating tools
  • Monitoring task progress
  • Assisting with content curation
  • Identifying user-generated content
  • Managing in-house content development efforts with the team
  • Measuring effectiveness of social media posts
  • Providing recommendations to course correct
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    If you are small organisation and do not have the bandwidth/resources to manage social media marketing in-house, you can just hire my services to take over your social media accounts in order to achieve your organisational goals.
    I can provide help in the following areas:
  • Identifying user-generated content
  • Managing in-house content development efforts with the team
  • Scheduling posts
  • Measuring effectiveness of social media posts
  • Providing recommendations to course correct
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I have developed a range of templates to make planning and organising your social media work easy.
    There are tools for each of these tasks:
  • Identifying marketing goals and develop relevant metrics
  • Tracking content development activities
  • Scheduling social media posts
  • Analysing the results of your social media activities
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What makes my offering unique?

  • Extensive experience of working with big and small, national and international non-profits in various capacities. I have researched and developed media content, taught image and video production using basic tools and locally available resources, conducted workshops on branding, marketing, story telling etc. all with an exclusive focus on constraints within the non-profit sector.
  • More than 12 years of corporate experience in product development and process implementation both in India and internationally (USA).
  • A Master's degree in Computer Science (USA), a Diploma in Commercial Photography (India) and a certified Project Management Professional (USA).
  • More than nine years of professional experience in developing engaging content as a photographer and a filmmaker.
  • Eight years of experience in teaching concepts of visual arts through photography. Most notably, teaching  Visual Storytelling to students of the Master's degree program at one of India's premier photography schools - Bharti Vidyapeeth School of Photography.
  • Internationally recognised through awards and global exhibitions by various organisations for creating distinctive bodies of art work about contemporary India.
  • Visual content developers are great at developing professional content but may not necessarily be able to provide expertise in effectively using the content as marketing collateral.
  • Marketing/PR agencies are great at managing your marketing goals, but will most likely charge additional fees for developing great content using independent freelance artists.
  • Given the experience I have gained over the years of working in both fields, the offer I provide combines these key requirements of many non-profits into one package at a very economical price.
  • In addition, my vision is to make sure your team is able to manage the work on their own.  I can  assist in enabling a local team to be marketing experts with minimal disruption to their core activities. This will help your organisation to not only reduce costs, but also enable good quality in-house content production.
Feel free to browse through some case studies of projects I have been a part of:
    Some of the non-profit organisations that I have worked with.






Rs. 20,000/-



Rs. 10,000/-



Rs. 15,000/-

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The Workshop

This is a high level schedule of the workshop. Depending on the team size, we can tailor this to be anywhere from 4 to 7 days


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“Social media helps you measure things real-time, which traditional media does not allow, and NGOs can get more bang for their buck out of this” 
Navdha Malhotra, digital marketing manager of Greenpeace India.
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